She Will Do It Herself

IMG_2106Hi there! My name is Zenzele Barnes and I’m one half of the Raleigh Code Corps team. I’m from Durham, NC (Bull City!) and attended college at Queens University of Charlotte. My interest in technology has evolved from creating digital art on Kid Pix as a child to my current interest in graphic design and videography. Outside of my VISTA work, I enjoy sewing, photography, and spending copious amounts of time reading in libraries. As a big music lover, I also have fun making ridiculous mixtapes for my friends. In past work, I was part of a team that developed a toolkit for senior citizens and smartphones use. Stepping into this role, I have seen how access and support are two important pieces to building technological skills. I feel very fortunate to spend my VISTA year at the Boys & Girls Club with a purpose larger than myself. Already, I’ve begun to experience the energy and creativity of the Club members and the RTP community. There’s something powerful about serving in community I grew up in and I’m ready to make the most out of this year.

Until next time,

PS: the title of the post is the meaning of my name


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