Meet the Warrior!


My name is Kelly Rosiles-Villagomez, and my students calls me “Coding Grandma!” I am proudly serving at the city where I was born and raised in – Chicago! I recently graduated from Lake Forest College (Go Foresters!!) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minor in Mathematics. I have discovered my passion in helping improve education equity through my first AmeriCorps program called City Year (I am still wearing that red jacket!). As a Code Corp I am hoping to see more computer science enrichment programs are integrated to our students’ education. In my free time, I like to get involved in my sorority, dance, and travel. After this year with Code Corps, I would like to pursue a higher degree (M.Ed/Ed.D) with a focus on research and would like to help continue improving the equity and quality of education in my career.

PS. The title of my post is the meaning of my name.


One thought on “Meet the Warrior!

  1. Nice first post, Kelly! If I were you, I’d add some Tags to it: it’ll be easier for potential readers to find it in the future and you might snag some extra views!


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