Journey to the ClubHouse in Green Country OK and Music copyright resources

My journey to work starts in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Fun facts  about the city include the song “Okie from Muskogee”, sang by Merle Haggard, mentioned Muskogee.  Girl Scouts cookies being sold to raise money started in Muskogee according to the Three Rivers Museum. Girl scouts did a fundraiser to raise money for the military troops during World War I, and sold cookies and popcorn balls, but the cookies were so popular that other troops started to sale girl scout cookies.  Carrie Underwood grew up only 19 miles away and she is in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.  My favorite T-shirt is from the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

OK Tshirt

One think I like about my job is that the gas is so cheap here.  This morning, I paid $1.88 for a gallon of gas at the Kum & Go station.  As I was pumping gas, I read the billboard that stated:

A wireless company that cares enough to listen.


Next, I go by the Homeland grocery store.


It is employee owned and has fruit in there that I have never seen before.  Also, it is named after one of my favorite shows: Homeland. One of the Boys and Girls Clubs is located near a school that had Homeland Security do an assessment of their system.

I then go by the Castle.  I completed my Zombie 5K obstacle run there.  I saw men in kilts, women dressed as fairies, and men in all black dressed as dragoon tamers in the month of May (at the gas station), their Renaissance Month.


Next is the Amish Cheese House. I buy bread for half price there, and eat home made ice cream in the flavor of Purple Cow.  I have bought a cook book that has recipes that keeps me wanting to cook, and how to cook my families famours Strawberry Cake the correct way (jello should be separated out in water).  At times I see the Amish driving tractors around Pryor.


Across from the Amish Cheese house is the Dutch pantry, with a buffet. I love their pumpkin bread loaf.


Next is MidAmerica, Oklahoma’s Largest Industrial Park, with more than 80 employers.


And a right turn onto Tiger Boulevard, to where one can find the Pryor Tigers, perhaps hiding in the hay fields.


Next is the Pryor Recreation Center, where one of the Boys and Girls Club is located.  They have a van.

BGC VanVanTechnology

The club is decorated with “Lights On” decorations, where kids and parents learned to speak Cherokee, and listened to Cherokee Tales.  However, parent involvement was less than what was expected.  One problem to possibly “HackOut” is the low amount of parent involvement.


The club was painted by Googlers, who donated their time and the supplies to paint the ClubHouse.

I then enter my “Tinkerer’s Corner”, where I work to plan the CS First Clubs activity for today.  The Code talkers today will be learning about music copyright resources of rellseo, pond5, and We will work on game design, and upload the Pryor Doll, to both run in the Mayes Runner Game and to enable the Fashion Design Team to accessorize the Pryor dolls.  I talk on the phone about vlogging future plans (using videos as a form of blog), and have a community member talk about the backpack program for a vlog.  Her program helps fight hunger for children who may not get any food over the weekend.  I work on recruitment. Gurus, Ninjas, and mentors wanted.


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